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Bound to happen

Shannon, Jonathon2023
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Accidental strangers or star-crossed lovers? Tom and Sophie are about to find out. Tom and Sophie have never met. Tom is a music student and aspiring songwriter. He wholeheartedly believes in meant to be and, more specifically, in his turbulent relationship with a far more successful recording artist. Even when her sudden overseas tour threatens to upend everything. Sophie is an astrophysics PhD candidate. To her, the vast mysteries of the universe can be reduced down to cold, hard science. She knows there's no such thing as fate or destiny, and not even the handsome undergrad assigned to her research project will change her mind. Sophie doesn't know it, but she's been orbiting Tom all year. They might be destined for each other, if only their meet-cutes were not a series of near misses...
Main title:
Bound to happen / by Jonathon Shannon..
Gadigal Country ; Ultimo, NSW : Ultimo Press, 2023.
325 pages ; 24 cm.
Prepublication record (machine generated from publisher information)
9781761151729 (paperback)
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