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The body friend

Brabon, Katherine, 1969-2023
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A woman leaves the hospital after an operation and starts swimming in a pool in Melbourne's inner suburbs. There she meets Frida, who is uncannily like her in her experience of illness. Soon after, she meets another woman in a local park, Sylvia, who sees her pain and encourages her to rest. The two new friends seem to be polar opposites: Frida adores the pool and the natural world, Sylvia clings to the protection of interior worlds. What begins as two seemingly simple friendships is challenged by what each woman asks of her, of themselves, and their bodies. A new novel about the relationship between body and self, and how we must dive beneath the surface to really know ourselves. A deeply intimate tribute to the fragile and porous self, written in prose of rare clarity and tenderness.
Main title:
The body friend / by Katherine Brabon.
N.S.W : Utimo Press, 2023.©2023.
249 pages ; 24 cm.
9781761151781 (paperback)
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