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The Oxford companion to music
The Oxford companion to music
Latham, Alison2008
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An electronic version of The Oxford Companion to Music an authoritative, and up-to-date music reference which provides in-depth coverage of all aspects of music - from composers, musicians, and performers, to genres, instruments, works, and notation.
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The Oxford companion to music / by Alison Latham (Editor)
Oxford Oxford University Press 2008
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Oxford Music Online is a new gateway that offers users the ability, for the first time ever, to access and cross-search the vast resources of Oxford's music reference in one location. The Oxford Music Online site has been completely redesigned with a number of functional enhancements and new content and is an indispensable guide for all music lovers and performers, both amateur and professional. The Oxford Companion to Music is over a million words in length, and has been the first choice for authoritative information on all aspects of music for generations of researchers. It places music in its social and cultural context, with entries on topics such as politics, religion, psychology, and computers, and is up to date with current research in and approaches to music, including analysis, theory, ethnomusicology, and performance practice.In articles that range from clear, concise definitions of musical ideas and terms to extended surveys of musical forms and styles, and authoritative coverage of virtually every musical subject. Embracing the world of music in all its variety including jazz, popular music, and dance. The Companion offers a concentrated focus on the Western classic tradition, from the Middle Ages to the present day. More than 8,000 articles sweep across an extraordinary range of subjects: composers, performers, conductors, individual works, instruments and notation, forms and genres. From the study of music theory, aesthetics, and scholarship to the way it is performed and disseminated, the Companion provides comprehensive, accessible coverage of music in all its artistic, historical, cultural, and social dimensions.
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780.3 OXF
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