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Building traditional kitchen cabinets

Tolpin, Jim2006
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This book covers all aspects of building a complete set of cabinets, from choosing a style for doors, to laying out the cabinets, to finishing and installing convenience hardware in the interiors.
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Newtown Taunton 2006
215 p. colour illustrations
1 Designing Your Custom Kitchen: Designing for Your Lifestyle - Designing for Safety - Designing for the Mobility Impaired - Designing for Style - Developing the Layout - Standard Proportions for Kitchen Cabinetry - Basic Floor-Plan Layouts - Getting the Floor Plan Down on Paper -- 2 Cabinet Design and Construction: A Cabinet: The Sum of Its Parts - Cabinet Design - Cabinet Assembly -- 3 Materials: Sheet Stock - Solid Stock - Hardware - Countertops -- 4 Bills of Materials and Cutlists: Making Up the Bills - Story Pole - Creating Master Cutlists -- 5 Cutting Stock to Size: Sheet-Stock Layout and Sizing - Solid-Stock Layout and Sizing-- 6 Face Frames: Layout Out the Frames - Joining the Frames - Assembling the Frames - Surfacing the Joints -- 7 Door Construction: Plank-and-Batten Doors - Frame-and-Panel Doors - Predrilling for Hardware -- 8 Drawer Construction: Materials - Layout and Dimensioning - Drawer-Box Joinery - Assembling the Box - Attaching the Face Front to the Box -- 9 Case Construction: Preparing the Panels for Assembly - Assembling the Cases - Installing the Face Frame -- 10 Finishing: Selecting a Finish - Preparing the Stock for Finishing- Preparing the Shop for Finishing - Penetrating-Oil and Oil/Varnish Finishes - Clear Surface Finishes - Painting the Cabinets - Working with Milk Paint -- 11 Installing Doors, Drawers and Other Components: Installing the Doors - Installing the Drawers - Installing Shelving - Installing Commercial Storage Fixtures - Installing Shop-Built Storage Fixtures -- 12 Cabinet Installation: Transporting the Cabinets - Site Preparation - Installing the Base Units - Installing the Wall Units - Installing End Panels - Installing Running Moldings - Installing Fixtures and Making Final Adjustments -- 13 Building and Installing Laminate Counters: Preparation - Cutting and Joining the Substrate - Cutting and Applying the Laminate - Cutting and Installing the Backsplash
9781561587971 (pbk 1561587974 pbk)
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