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English romantic poetry

Bloom, Harold2004
From Blake to Coleridge, and Wordsworth to Shelley, this volume provides a critical overview of the poets who defined the English Romantic period. Specific topics such as the forms and characteristics of English Romantic poetry are addressed.
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English romantic poetry / by Harold Bloom (Editor)
New York Chelsea House 2004
405 p. Mode of access: World Wide Web
Editor's note - Introduction - The makings of a music: Reflections on Wordsworth and Yeats / Seamus Heaney - The poetics of prophecy / Geoffrey Hartman - Truth the best music: The Ode on a Grecian urn / Helen Vendler - English romanticism: The grounds of belief / John Clubbe and Ernest J. Lovell, Jr. - Phases of English romanticism / Jerome J. McGann - Rhyme and the arbitrariness of language / William Keach - The narrator as satiric device in Don Juan / Frederick L. Beaty - Form and freedom in European romantic poetry / Stuart Curran - ?We must away?: Tragedy and the imagination in Coleridge?s later poems / John L. Mahoney - Involute and symbol in the romantic imagination / Thomas McFarland - The imaginative vision of Kubla Khan: On Coleridge?s introductory note / David Perkins - Time and history in Wordsworth / Paul de Man - Byron and Shelley / Stephen Gurney - Keats?s poems: The material dimensions / M.H. Abrams - The religion of empire: Blake?s rehab in its biblical contexts / G.A. Rosso - Chronology / Contributors / Bibliography / Acknowledgments / Index.
9781438114958 (ebook)
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