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What do you know about earth's atmosphere?

Gosman, Gillian2014
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Earth's atmosphere is a layered, protective blanket, and the 20 questions examined describe its composition and function. Additional questions explore phenomena such as auroras and explain how air pollution affects Earth's atmosphere.
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New York PowerKids Press 2014
24 p. colour illustrations
Includes index.
Upper primary
What do you know about earth's atmosphere? -- What is the atmosphere? -- What are the layers of the atmosphere called? -- What is earth's atmosphere made of? -- How thick is earth's atmosphere? -- What is the ozone layer? -- Where does weather form? -- How does weather form? -- What are auroras and where in earth's atmosphere do they happen? -- How does earth's atmosphere protect the planet? -- What is solar radiation? -- How much of the sun's radiation is absorbed or reflected? -- What is the electromagnetic spectrum? -- Why does the sky look blue? -- What is air pressure? -- Why does air pressure change with altitude? -- Why does the temperature change with altitude? -- What particulates are found in the air? -- How do particulates cause air pollution? -- How does carbon dioxide affect earth's atmosphere? -- What can be done to protect earth's atmosphere?
9781448896998 (hbk)
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551.5 WHA
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