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PowerKnowledge life science
PowerKnowledge life science
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A content driven, visually stimulating, media-rich online science resource designed to meets the needs of primary students grades 3 - 6. Includes 400+ articles, videos, interactive games, hands-on science projects, experiments, activities, and more.
New York Rosen 2012
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Upper primary
This online science resource for primary school students will help inspire and inform learners about key life science topics including animals, classification, endangered and extinct species, food chains and food webs, green living, habitats and ecosystems, the human body, life cycles, plants, and survival and adaptation. It also includes resources to support and reinforce classroom instruction along with lesson plans, assessment, extension activities, as well as a text-to-speech feature, printable research sheets, and article-specific glossaries. Users can search for information using the search box at the top of the home page, or alternatively select from various category links, which lead to further sublinks - these include topics such as Animals - Classification - Endangered and extinct species - Food chains and food webs - Green living - Habitats and ecosystems - Human - body - Life cycles - Plants - Scientific method - Survival and adaptation. Links are also provided to information about Science fair projects and experiments, plus extra resources for teachers/librarians. Also featured are topic related videos, check it out! facts segment, plus games and brain teaser sections.
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