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Thumbnail for The Tudors : the complete story of England's most notorious dynasty /by G.J. Meyer

The Tudors : the complete story of England's most notorious dynasty /by G.J. Meyer

Meyer, G. J., 1940-2010
Books, Manuscripts
Breathes new life into the history of the Tudor family, Tudor England, and its precarious place in world politics. This narrative history also covers the critical role religion played in government, the blossoming of English theater, literature and more.
New York Delacorte Press 2010
612 p. colour illustrations map
Map - Family tree - A tudor timeline - Introduction - Prologue: August 22, 1485: The Battle of Bosworth: An exile returns - An excess of good fortune: 1485-1532 - The Luck of Henry Tudor -The King's great matter - Frustration and embarrassment - Radical departures - Another way devised - A revolution in the making - A thunderbolt falls - Submission - Consumation - Monster: 1533-1547: First blood - Supremacy - We will all die - Preserve my friends from such favors - All but Godlike - Rebellion and betrayal - The last of Henry - A king too soon and a Queen too late: 1547-1558: A new beginning - England's second reformation - A revolution and a coup - Another new beginning - And another early end - Survivor: 1558-1603: Yet another new beginning - The succession, again - A torrent of miseries - Actions, reactions, provocations - A horrific tangle, and the war at last - The last favorite - A seat at the table - The last act - An epilogue in two parts - Sources and notes - Index.
9780385340762 (hbk)
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