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Trees that call Australia home

Halkett, John2008
Books, Manuscripts
A spiritual, cultural, environmental & economic celebration of Australian trees - trees that, according to Halkett, are increasingly vital as humanity searches for solutions to climate change, renewable energy & more sustainable lifestyles in the 21st cen
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Potts Point Potts Point Publishing 2008
242 p. illustrations
Prologue: Do it for the trees - Magic green machines - World of the forest - Dwelling place of gods - Out of Asia long ago - Brutality, harshness and unremitting effort - Economic prosperity and civil harmony - Attempting a balancing act - The air we breathe - A steak and a beer - Home among the gum trees - From moutain ash to blackbutt - Rainforest ark in a wide brown land - Tassie: tree central - Cathedrals in the west - Ghost gums, desert oaks and baobabs - Cultural and historic milestones - Imported pines prosper - Planting native trees for profit - Will trees save us?
9780980512502 (hbk)
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582.1609 TRE
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