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Arthur Miller

Bloom, Harold2007
Chronicles the life and works of playwright Arthur Miller who helped usher in a new focus for the American stage - the struggles of the everyday man. A master storyteller whose enduring plays offer a potent critique of the dark side of the American dream.
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Arthur Miller / by Harold Bloom (Editor)
New York Bloom's Literary Criticism 2007
238 p. Mode of access: World Wide Web
Editor’s note - Introduction: Harold Bloom - Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and the Salem witch trials: A historian’s view / Edmund S. Morgan - The Wooster Group, Arthur Miller and The Crucible / David Savran - All my sons and paternal authority / James A. Robinson - Unsafe convictions: unhappy confessions in The Crucible / Valerie Lowe - Death of a Salesman and American leadership: Life imitates art / John S. Shockley - Issues of identity in Broken Glass: A humanist response to a postmodern world / Susan C. W. Abbotson - Personality wins the day: Death of a salesman and popular sales advice literature / Brenda Murphy - A portrait of Arthur Miller / Jeffrey Meyers - Death of a salesman: Deracination and its discontents / Julius Novick - Arthur Miller’s ironic resurrection / Jeffrey D. Mason - Arthur Miller vs. Columbia Pictures: The strange case of career of a salesman / Kevin Kerrane - Finishing the picture: Arthur Miller, 1915–2005 185 / Laurence Goldstein - Miller’s tale: The playwright drew a line between reaching out and selling out / Wendy Smith - Arthur Miller and the art of the possible / Steven R. Centola - Chronology - Contributors - Bibliography - Acknowledgements - Index.
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