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On the hill

Berryman, Faye2002
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LEVEL TWO reader suitable for 6 to 8 years who are beginning to read alone. Longer sentences and increased vocabulary. Two or more sentences per page. New sounds: 'i-e' as in bike -- Special words: curling, blue, turn, know, juice, great.Fitzroy Readers 31-40, continues with the carefully graded development of literacy. Each reader in 31-40 introduces one or two new sounds (digraphs), such as ea, ew and air, and a handful of special words (sight words), including ache, through and beautiful. Long vowel sounds, such as i-e as in bike, are introduced in this pack.
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On the hill / by Faye Berryman and Philip O'Carroll ; illustrated by Rae Dale.
North Fitzroy Vic. : Fitzroy Programs, 2002
14 pages : colour illustrations ; 21 cm.
Fitzroy readers are graded stories introducing new sounds and special words. Why it works: Proceeds in small, simple steps. Easy to use. Systematic and complete. Starts with stories, not theories. Fun. Frequent success experiences. Teaches all essential phonics building blocks (e.g. letter sounds, digraphs ['ch', 'th', etc.], sight words & spelling rules). Avoids rare and abstruse cases that are more easily dealt with as special words.New sounds: 'i-e' as in bikeSpecial words: curling, blue, turn, know, juice, great Includes: Teacher's notes.
Lower primary
1875755330 (paperback)
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