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Ling goes to China

Berryman, Faye2002
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LEVEL THREE Green dot, reader suitable for 7 to 9 years who can read alone or are proficient readers. Increased vocabulary, complex, challenging sentence structure. Three or more sentences per page. New sounds: 'are' as in care, 'oy' as in boy.Fitzroy Readers 41-50 is the upper-primary pack offering longer and more complex stories. Each reader in 41-50 introduces up to three new sounds (digraphs), such as wr, tion and ous, and up to ten special words (sight words), including scene, autumn and sword. Children who can comfortably read this set are usually able to enjoy a wide range of chapter books.
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Ling goes to China / by Faye Berryman and Philip O'Carroll ; illustrated by Rae Dale.
North Fitzroy Vic. : Fitzroy Programs, 2002
18 pages : colour illustrations ; 21 cm.
Fitzroy readers are graded stories introducing new sounds and special words. Why it works: Proceeds in small, simple steps. Easy to use. Systematic and complete. Starts with stories, not theories. Fun. Frequent success experiences. Teaches all essential phonics building blocks (e.g. letter sounds, digraphs ['ch', 'th', etc.], sight words & spelling rules). Avoids rare and abstruse cases that are more easily dealt with as special words. New sounds: 'are' as in care, 'oy' as in boy. Includes: Teacher's notes.
Lower primary
1875755438 (paperback)
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