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Australian convicts from the first fleet to the end of transportation

Bruce, Jill B. (Jill Barbara), 1943-2006
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About 163,000 convicts were transported to Australia between 1788 and 1868. Read all about their lives and the conditions in which they lived.
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Pymble Simon & Schuster 2006
48 p. colour illustrations
Upper primary, Secondary
Who were the convicts? -- Living conditions in Britain in the 1770s -- A changing society -- Crime in Britain -- Prisons and punishment -- Why were the convicts sent to Australia? -- The prison hulks -- Captain Cook claims Australia 1770 -- The First Fleet -- First Fleet convicts and their crimes -- Early days in Sydney Town -- Norfolk Island 1788 -- The Second Fleet arrives -- Newcastle -- Van Diemen's Land -- Sarah Island -- Port Arthur -- Point Puer -- Other prisons in Van Diemen's Land -- Port Macquarie -- Norfolk Island 1825 -- Queensland -- Victoria and South Australia -- Western Australia -- Assigned convicts -- Ticket-of-leave convicts -- The work convicts performed -- Shelter for convicts -- Convict's clothes -- Convict women -- Convict children -- Irish convicts -- Convicts who became successful citizens -- Famous convicts -- Infamous convicts -- Great escapes -- The end of transportation to Australia -- The lasting effect of convict settlement
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