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How to make your car last forever

Torbjornsen, Tom2010
Books, Manuscripts
Explains the what, when, and whys of automotive maintenance and repairs in easy-to-understand terms. Simple how-to projects supplement the learning with step-by-step instructions that will save you time and money.
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Minneapolis Motorbooks 2010
175 p. colour illustrations
Maintenance - the key to the automotive fountain of youth -- Section 1: Vehicular Systems: The engine -- Transmissions and drivetrains -- Steering, suspensions, and wheel alignment -- Tires -- Braking systems -- Ignition and fuel delivery systems -- Charging, electrical, and starting systems -- Cooling systems -- Section 2: Rules to Follow to Make That Car Last Forever: Lubrication and filtration - another key to longevity -- Reading the 'tea leaves' of the fluids -- Maintenance-free cars (is there such a thing?) -- Vehicle exterior and interior maintenance -- Common summer and winter woes (and how to avoid them) -- Secton 3: Straight Talk: Car warranties - what's covered and what's not -- Make your car last forever -- How to kill a car
9780760337967 (pbk)
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