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The only way to stop smoking permanently

Carr, Allen1995
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Allen Carr exposes the traps of smoking and provides smokers with the motivation to break free forever. This book will help the reader achieve the right mind to quit, avoid weight-gain and enjoy the freedom and choices that non-smokers have in life
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London Penguin 1995
458 p.
Allen in wonderland -- Painting the Forth Bridge -- What type of smokers fail? -- Why didn't it work the second time? -- Why I could never get hooked again -- The incredible machine -- The flaw in the machine -- Is it fact or illusion? -- Where did it all go wrong? -- Inside the pitcher plant -- How to be a happy non-smoker for the rest of your life -- Climbing Everest -- Twelve angry men -- The right frame of mind -- The tug of war of fear -- But I do enjoy a cigarette -- Why do we scratch an itch? -- Is it habit or addiction? -- I haven't got the willpower -- Ex-smokers -- I've got an addictive personality -- How I wish I were a non-smoker -- Other smokers -- Our heroes and heroines -- How can I concentrate without a cigarette? -- If only there were a suitable substitute -- The weight myth -- Those terrible withdrawal pangs -- The 5 day and 3 week syndromes -- Women smokers -- Casual smokers -- Secret smokers -- Will I ever enjoy life again? -- When will the craving go? -- The slavery -- It's a social prop -- Health -- Timing -- The final cigarette -- The instructions -- The afterglow -- Alcohol, heroin and other drugs -- Alcohol -- Heroin and other drugs -- The 'waves' -- Conclusion
9780140244755 (pbk)
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613.85 ONL
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