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A guide to plants of inland Australia

Moore, Philip2005
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This text covers the major plants of three-quarters of Australia. Each entry consists of one or two photographs together with detailed descriptions, information about habit, habitat, name origins, explorers and collectors and each with a distribution map
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Frenchs Forest N.S.W. Reed New Holland 2005
503 p. colour illustrations maps
Part I Inland Australia - Evolution, humans & vegetation: Forests to deserts - the evolution of inland Australia -- The inland flora -- Some inland plant communities -- Poisonous plants -- A land prone to fire -- Land management by fire -- Aborigines and plants -- Part II Major and distintive plant groups: Boab -- Cassias -- Casuarinas -- Chenopods -- Cycads -- Cypress pines -- Daisies -- Emubushes and poverty bushes -- Eucalypts -- Figs -- Goodenia family -- Grasses -- Grevilleas and Hakeas -- Hibiscus family -- Kurrajongs and bottle trees -- Melaleucas -- Mistletoes -- Mulla Mullas, foxtails and pussytails -- Palms -- Peas -- Potato and tomato bushes -- Wattles -- Part III Less familiar plants
9781876334864 (pbk)
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580.994 GUI580.994
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