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AustLit : the resource for Australian literature

Key database resource for information about Australian writers and writing covering the 1780's to the present. With over 90,000 records of which 10,000 are full text.This ranges from novels, through poems, short stories, drama, plays and critical reviews.
AustLit 2007
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AustLit is a non-profit collaboration between twelve Australian Universities and the National Library of Australia providing authoritative information on hundreds of thousands of creative and critical Australian literature works relating to more than 100,000 Australian authors and literary organisations. It indexes and describes Australian literature published in a range of print and electronic information sources. It acts as a gateway to a comprehensive range of information about Australian novels, poems, short stories, drama, plays, reviews and literary criticisms. AustLit provides a combination of enhanced biographical and bibliographical information and the full text of critical articles, creative writing and information resources about many aspects of Australia's literary heritage. AustLit also publishes specialist research and information subsets, including Black Words: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Writers and Story Tellers which contains bibliographical and full text material relating to Australian Indigenous cultures of literature and story. Other AustLit subsets cover children's literature, drama, popular theatre and multicultural writers, Australian magazine history, and banned books. Users of this resource will have access to constantly updated citations for monograph, journal and electronic publications by and about Australian authors. Biographical information about authors including pseudonyms and alternative names. Subject indexing of most works. Links to available full text and links between authors, works, subjects, and places plus sophisticated search and retrieval capabilities and specialist research subsets for targeted searching. Holdings information from The National Bibliographic Database, accessible via Libraries Australia, the Register of Australian Archives and Manuscripts (RAAM) and the Guide to Australian Literary Manuscripts is also included. It may also prove a useful resource for students studying HSC English, especially the AustLit Anthology of Criticism section.
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